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Glen Stroud
Operations Southern Region

Glen has been involved in the telecommunications industry since 1985.  He was formerly the Regional Manager – Southern Africa, for Alan Dick Limited, a UK based company that is active in wireless network roll-out for network operators throughout global emerging markets. He held full responsibility for all aspects of the business and was tasked with establishing the Southern African operation in 2004. Glen was employed by Celtel where he spent fie years and fulflled a number of roles including Sales and Marketing Director (Zambia), Commercial Director (DRC) and Projects Director (DRC).  He was part of the team that established Celtel in the DRC and was responsible for all aspects of network roll-out.  Glen was employed by MTN between 1996 and 2000 and attained the position of Projects Manager where he was involved in the start-up in Rwanda, Uganda and Swaziland. Glen has spent his entire career within the telecommunications industry and provides a very strong Commercial and Project management background to the operation.

Greame Robson
Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Graeme is responsible for solutions architect.  He has been involved in the telecommunications industry since 1996 and has worked throughout Africa on specifictelecommunication infrastructure projects.  He has been involved in network design and roll-out, radio planning and project management.  Before joining Electric Bridge Communications where he was responsible for a number of projects involving satellite communication, radio planning, transmission (backbone and SDH design), he spent three years with Celtel (formerly MSI Communications) where he was the technical project manager and fulflled a number of planning roles (transmission planner, radio planner and satellite planner) apart from managing related projects throughout Africa. Graeme holds a BSC Eng and B Com. Degree.

Les Becker

Les left Telkom SA in 1994 where he served as CTO responsible for the installation of transmission equipment ranging from Coaxial, Rutel, Fiber Optic and Microwave equipment. After a short period with his own company, Comtra Installations, which entailed installing Microwave systems to the GSM networks for Telkom SA in KwaZulu Natal, SA Defense Force Pretoria, microwave upgrade to the Air Force bases, Railways of Zimbabwe - Bulawayo to Gweru microwave backbone and Richards Bay Minerals microwave upgrade, he joined Brolaz Projects as a Regional Manager in KwaZulu Natal. The core business of Brolaz Projects is the construction of communication infrastructure primarily for Vodacom SA at that time. After assuming responsibility for all the Brolaz SA regional offices,he was given the position of Head of Project Management Division for both local and international projects, which ncluded Mascom Botswana, Safaricom Kenya, Vodafone Egypt, Unitel Angola, and Vodacom Mozambique to mention a few. In 2007 Les was seconded to Angola to oversee a large turnkey SPDH microwave backbone project for Unitel in the South of the country. On completion of the project in Angola and after 13 years service with Brolaz Projects, Les joined Projex CI as the Operations Director.

Mike Young
Finance Southern Region

Mike served as the chief financial officer of several unlisted telecommunication companies and spent two years as a financial manager to NuClicks Holdings Ltd, He spent four years in USA with a telecommunications company and was promoted to Regional CFO of Americas. He has spent more than 10 years in the telecommunications sector. Mike received his undergraduate degree (B.Compt) in 1989 and completed his Honours degree in 1991 at University of South Africa. He gained extensive commercial, financial and international experience setting up companies in Mexico, Caribbean, South America and Africa.

Wayne Skinner
Chief Commercial Officer

Wayne joined ProjexCI after a 10 year period in Europe serving the Global Telecommunications Industry in various executive directorship capacities. With over 20 years experience in Telecommunication Network Build Products and Services, and a track record in Business Development involving projects in more than 34 countries, Wayne brings a wealth of technical knowledge and industry sales experience to the company. Having served in both the Manufacturing sector as well as the Services sector, Wayne is familiar with the technology approvals processes as well as project delivery aspects facing Network operators around the world. Having qualifiedas a Radio Engineer in 1984, Wayne has had involvement with leading International OEM‟s ranging from LMR to GSM and Broadcast technologies. His product experience includes Antennas, Towers, In-Building Solutions as well Repeaters, Fibre Optic systems, Power solutions and Network Optimisation software products and services to name but a few disciplines in his resume.

Martin Ganski
Business Development Director

Martin Ganski is a telecoms entrepreneur, born in England with a natural flair for business development. Mr Ganski has been involved in telecoms for over 20 years starting in project management and moving over the years into the business development sector. He spent over 5 years working in Latin America where he successfully set-up 2 companies. Most notably was TCS, a telecom services company in Mexico which focused primarily on deploying and integrating mobile networks that employed 200 people and was sold in 2005 to a US company, MasTec. He then worked in a senior sales role covering Europe down to the Baltics and then went onto working in the MVNO arena and later mobile banking in Latin America. Mr Ganski brings to Projex CI a wealth of contacts and relationships with a target to help grow the UK division into Europe and Latin America.

Dejan Vujic
Head of Engineering

Dejan Vujic is a well-known telecommunications and software academic in Serbia who has been engaged as consultant on various ICT projects in Serbia, Montenegro, UK, Mexico and Qatar. He has a vast knowledge of telecoms networking and IT with specific domain experience in mobile networks, document management solutions, process modelling and software development procedures. Mr Vujic has been court expert in several cases regarding information technologies like VoIP, mobile core network services and mobile service analysis. Mr Vujic was member of auditing teams that were analyzing the assets of Telecom Serbia (incumbent operator) and Mobtel (now Telenor Serbia). He is author of several feasibility studies analyzing techno-economic perspectives of new technologies like DVB-T2, WiMAX, UMTS, LTE and others. He has been or he is still engaged as consultant in area of ICT by national telecommunication agencies in several countries, most important fixed and mobile operators in Serbia and Montenegro, oil and gas companies in Qatar and system integrators in UK. Mr Vujic is an author of several scientific papers and books in the area of telecommunications. He is Professional Certified Engineer for the area of planning and designing of telecommunication networks and IT systems and member of IET and Serbian Chamber of Engineers.

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